Medical advantages Of Foot Massage and Reflexology

Our foot which bears the heaviness of the entire body permits headway and does a ton of work. In any case, they are the least spoiled piece of the body. To spoil your feet and keep them solid and adaptable, a day by day foot massage for a couple of moments is a decent alternative.

A standard foot massage alongside reflexology helps in advancing physiological just as physical wellbeing.


Reflexology is an old mending practice dependent on the rule that there is a reflex that focuses on the feet that compare to the bodies of various organs and glands. The human foot is a developmental wonder, fit for handling many huge amounts of power and your weight moving. It has 42 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, 250,000 perspiration glands, and at any rate 50 tendons and ligaments. Specifically, the feet have just about 15,000 nerve endings.

In this way, in Foot Reflexology pressure is applied to these reflexes on the feet, which advances great wellbeing. Here are some medical advantages of foot massage and reflexology:

Improves blood course: 

Because of a stationary way of life, we don’t utilize the feet muscles appropriately and wear tight footwear; this hampers the dissemination of feet. 10 minutes of foot massage day by day, encourages moving oxygen to the body’s cells, which is fundamental for general wellbeing.

Battles gloom: 

Foot massage and reflexology helps in battling melancholy. Certain focuses on the feet are useful in reducing sadness side effects. Rubbing these focuses or applying strain to them for a couple of moments 2 or 3 times each day can help calm manifestations of misery.


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Aides in unwinding: 

Following a tiring and distressing day, a foot massage is an alleviating and loosening up approach to unwind. Massage and reflexology of 5 to 10 minutes before hitting the sack can improve sentiments of general prosperity.

Advances better rest: 

The best time to do foot massage is before hitting the hay. A relieving and loosening up foot massage improves the blood course.

Soothes body torments: 

This is the best piece of reflexology. Whenever done cautiously, it treats agonies and hurts, for example, cerebral pains, headaches, neck torment, lower and upper spinal pains.

Foot Reflexology: How Does it Benefit Health? 

Foot Reflexology avoids to a foot massage that invigorates uncommon focuses on the feet. According to the reflexology hypothesis, the act focuses on the feet compare to each organ in the body.

Foot reflexology specialists play out the massage eluding the reflex point guide of feet. Numerous specialists have confidence in improving the reflexology experience by including different treatments, for example, fragrant healing or putting quiet music, and great condition settings.

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How Does Foot Reflexology Work? 

According to the Foot Reflexology hypothesis, there are reflex focuses on our feet comparing to all pieces of our bodies. Basically, these focuses are the reflections of the body life systems. The foot reflexology system comprises of applying strain to these reflex focuses by uncommon hand and finger procedures. The incitement of reflex focuses on our feet gives alleviation from stress, decreases torment recognition and causes certain physiological changes in the body that assists with disposing of weakness and tiredness. Foot reflexology by Female to male body massage in Delhi is powerful in decreasing pressure, fatigue and rest issues.

Difference between Foot Massage and Foot Reflexology 

Numerous individuals will, in general, get befuddle between foot reflexology and foot massage. While both massage and reflexology depend on the feeling of touch, the methodologies are altogether different. Foot massage takes a shot at control of muscle, tendons, and tissues to lessen agony and distress. Foot Reflexology then again centers around reflex maps of focuses presently on the feet.